Join us in developing innovative solutions to problems facing businesses in manufacturing, construction, and entertainment. People from various backgrounds are invited to contribute their talents, meet others, exchange ideas, and apply their passion and expertise to build something awesome.

The 2019 ‘Constructing Futures’ Hackathon will take place May 19 to May 20, 2019, at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. This event is organized by the University of Alberta’s Nasseri School of Building Science and Engineering.

During the event, you will have an opportunity to transform your ideas into innovative solutions with real business opportunities.


‘Constructing futures’ hackathon is open to students, programmers, construction professionals, graphic designers, or any tech enthusiast interested in working together with like-minded people to create innovative tech solutions that will push today’s industries into the future! Come with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and an enthusiasm for implementing new ideas and working with others to solve problems.

Registration is open to both teams and individuals. If you register as an individual, the organizers will place you on a team. Teams must consist of 4-6 participants.

 Registration Fee (5% GST not included) 
Per Person RegistrationCAD 20Register Now
Group-of-4 RegistrationCAD 80Register Now
Group-of-5 RegistrationCAD 100Register Now
Group-of-6 RegistrationCAD 120Register Now


While teams may bring their own challenges to the hackathon, we invite participants to register for one of the following hackathon challenge themes:

Enterprise Digitization

Enterprise Digitization

Future of Building Information Modeling

Future of Building Information Modeling

VR Spectator Experience

VR Spectator Experience

Robot-crew for Task X

Robot-crew for Task X

Enterprise Digitization

As technology continues to advance, companies in even the most traditional industries will need to incorporate new technologies into their operations in order to remain competitive. Technology allows enterprises to reduce their overhead costs, provide data to their customers, and have an instant picture of their operations at any given time.

Use your knowledge of a company of your choice to create a “control centre” that management within the company can use. Use your creativity to help discover new ways for enterprises to plan, organize, and deliver their product or service!

*This challenge description will be updated with more details as they become available.

The Future of Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being adopted by the construction industry to facilitate and promote collaborations between stakeholders within a project. BIM is a 3D model front-loaded with information that is used for a variety of purposes in a project including designing, scheduling, and cost estimation; however, there is further potential for innovation and intelligence.

What is the next big advance in Building Information Modelling? Use your experience and expertise to develop a cutting-edge way for BIM to take into account ergonomics, environmental concerns, or parametric modelling.

*This challenge description will be updated with more details as they become available.

Virtual Reality Experience

Have you ever wanted to be in the front row of the most in-demand concerts, behind the glass at your favourite team’s game, or at the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square while still in the comfort of your own home? Use virtual reality to open these live experiences to people around the world. Develop ways for a venue to sell multiple tickets for the same seat to give people a virtual experience of the ultimate front row seat or backstage pass.

*This challenge description will be updated with more details as they become available.

Design a Robo-Crew for Task X

As robotic technologies have advanced and the cost of adoption has decreased in recent decades, it is emerging as a viable option for some of the repetitive tasks in construction.

In this challenge, you need to focus on one specific construction task (i.e., task X) and develop a robotics solution (robo-crew) to replace all or part of the human input required for the task. Use your creativity and analytical skills to design a desirable scenario in which robots are used alongside human workers to augment their work, keep them safer, and boost productivity!


The high-level program is provided below. Stay tuned to this webpage to learn of further details as they become available.

Sunday, May 19, 2019Monday, May 20, 2019Tuesday, May 21, 2019
1:00 PM - Opening remarks3:00 PM – Hacking ends10:00 AM – Bus to Banff, Alberta for ISARC Summit multi-conference participants
1:30 PM - Challenge orientation and team building exercises3:30 PM – Team presentations
3:00 PM - Hacking begins5:00 PM – Awards

Important Note

For hackathon participants also attending the 2019 ISARC multi-conference, the organizers will provide free one-way transportation from Edmonton, Alberta to the multi-conference venue in Banff, Alberta on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. More details will be provided soon.


Any participants requiring accommodations in Edmonton are encouraged to book a nearby hotel early. We recommend Lister Hall, the University of Alberta’s North Campus residency. Rates are available from CAD 56 per night – space is limited. Other hotels in the area (suggestions listed below) will require transportation to the campus venue.


Location: Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC), University of Alberta, Canada; Address: ETLC, 9107 116 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2V4

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

All payments must be made in Canadian dollars (CAD) and must be received prior to May 15, 2019. In the event of cancellation, written notification should be sent by email at info@isarc2019.org or please contact us using this form.

  • Before May 1, 2019: Full refund, excluding administration fee of CAD 5
  • From May 2 to May 15, 2019: 50% refund
  • After May 15, 2019 or if the participant fails to attend: No refund

All refunds will be processed and issued within 30 days after the event.